As an artisan, you need access to global tourists and travelers who value the time, energy, and mastery that goes into your craft. Tuzmo brings you that direct connection with your customers and provides you the freedom of setting your own prices.

Join Tuzmo CEO Rana Saad as he outlines how his app will provide you access to customers from all over the globe without charging anything for signing up and setting up your store.

Join the Tuzmo family today to keep local cultures alive.

What's in this Webinar?

In this recorded webinar, you will discover:

>Tuzmo’s mission to empower artisans and how it aligns with your future goals.

>How Tuzmo matches global travelers and tourists to artisans in a destination.

>The bottom-line benefits of registering on Tuzmo’s platform.

>How Tuzmo’s team sets you up for success by helping you with your profile and marketing.

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Image Credits: Courtesy of Tuzmo