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Learn the essential aspects of running an international artisan business

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Are you someone who:

  • is uncertain about what US buyers are looking for?
  • wants to export to the US but not sure how to start?
  • needs help building a presence online?
  • feels out of touch with current designs and trends?
  • wants to develop business skills to make connections in the global artisan industry?
  • feels unsure if your prices are covering all your costs?

Tackle Your Challenges

Take a leap of faith to gain the confidence you need to build a strong market presence for your business! Over the span of 4 days, you will attend live online course sessions, panel discussions, and if you choose, small group coaching sessions that take a deep dive into everything from mastering your businesses brand identity, to feeling confident about building relationships with buyers.

Don't Take it From Us, Take it From Our Alumni

Camila Gillman from Sett & Beat in South Africa

2021 eMRP Participant

What was your personal learning goal at the beginning of this training?

"To learn how to export to the US."

The first thing she will do to apply her learning is to...

"Re-calculate all of our ex-works pricing, retail into the US, and comparative pricing research."

What is your biggest takeaway from the eMRP?

"We can build a successful business if we are meticulous about our costing and pricing, developing products based on market research, and telling our story with beautiful imagery and concise copy. Getting organised for export takes time, but it's very doable!"

What part of the eMRP was most useful?

"Costing and pricing! And how product development informs pricing."

Dixy Valdez from La Villa Goods in Canada

2020 eMRP Participant

Her personal goal at the beginning of this training is:

"Improving pricing & shipping strategies, learning about the US distribution channels and design trends. [Also, what sales platforms] cater to B2B instead of B2C."

The part of the eMRP that was most useful was:

"The pricing breakdown was excellent. In terms of branding and marketing, a lot of work needs to be done to step up to our goals and it may no longer resonate with our evolving purpose. [It was a] real eye opener [to see what] we could do."

What are the goals you have set for yourself after this course?

"1.Open to 2 new target markets- locally in El Salvador using a direct delivery distribution channel & to retailers of independent boutique sized shops by choosing the adequate distribution channels according to pricing strategies.

2.Create 1 new/ 1 revamped product lines consisting of 3 products each, applying current trends in colour & natural dyes to add blues, greens. Evaluate taking products from other suppliers/brands, to promote or resell

3.Make a list of 6-12 key products to reevaluate costing, restructure pricing & reevaluate production FACTOR IN NEW SHIPPING INFO. Finish & launch website on Shopify with key products and new pricing. Hire a photographer in country for process & lifestyle shoots. Update linkedin. Evaluate rebranding.

4.Obtain at least 2 small retail customers by the end of the year and fulfill 2 wholesale orders."

Diane Manning of in California, USA

2020 eMRP Participant

When starting this training:

"My original goal was to gain a more holistic understanding of the artisan craft sector from design and production to marketing and selling.

My goal was to train, support, and mentor artisans to adapt their designs and products to the tastes of a US buyer, and provide them with the business skills they need in order to develop and grow their own artisan enterprises whether it be wholesale, retail, or online direct.

I was planning to figure out how to offer this training myself, and was planning to work first with a beading cooperative... However, after the first day and conversation with my small group advisor, I decided that I want to create my own non-profit or granting foundation to fund on-the-ground artisan training."

Her biggest takeaway from the eMRP was that...

"[Artisans should] pivot to online and adapt products to the trends and color palettes that people seem to looking for during this time.... [Being] online is actually a democratizing factor in that artisans can reach their customers directly without going through middle people, wholesale shows, etc. But the BIG IF will be access to the tools, technology and skills to be able to sell online and the ability to adapt their products to fit these trends."

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Gain Expert Knowledge In:
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✓ Building Customer Relationships
✓ Global Opportunities & Trends for Handmade
✓ Sales Channels Strategies
✓ Product Development & Design
✓ Costing & Pricing for profit
✓ Artisan Marketing

…and so much more! Full list of topics available below.

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✓4 days of virtual, Zoom-hosted learning from handmade industry experts
✓ Digital ATA Training workbooks
✓ Access to recorded presentations for 6 months
✓ Add Small Group virtual coaching sessions with expert mentors

…and so much more! Details available below.

Meet eMRP 2021 Alumna Thabo Makhetha

Listen to Thabo's journey as an artisan from South Africa as she describes where her business, Thabo Makhetha, was before joining the eMarket Readiness Program in September 2021, her favorite part of the program and what she has been implementing from her learnings after the program.

Take the Extra Step and Join Small Group Coaching Sessions

You have the option to add 4 exclusive one hour Small Group coaching sessions with our expert mentors and five to six of your peers. You'll have the opportunity to discuss the topics from the day and how they apply to your business. Get direct, market based feedback on your products, branding, strategy, and more during these breakout sessions held on Zoom.

What was the most useful/helpful part of small group coaching?

"Laurie [Kanes] shared her expertise with each of us which was interesting to hear. She gave food for thought re: hanging packing ideas and to seek an influencer in the US who will start posting lifestyle images with our straps in an attempt to catch the attention of like-minded outlets." - eMRP 2021 Alumna Lindsay Fisher of Bili Beadwear in South Africa

Meet your Mentors

Our team of mentors bring together decades of international handmade business experience. They have been through what you are going through themselves, making them the perfect people to help guide you through the challenges you may be facing running and growing a business in the artisan sector.

These mentors will be leading our course discussions, as well as providing you with opportunities to access direct feedback on your products, business strategy, and marketing materials through Small Group Coaching.

 (in order from left to right)

Lauren Barkume - ATA Training Director (Costing & Pricing Strategies)

Aviva Maya Shulem - Founder of Aviva Maya Design (Product Development & Design)

Susan Easton - Founder of From the Road (Market Overview & Sales Channels Strategies)

Stacey Edgar - Founder of Global Girlfriend (Intro to Artisan Marketing)

Laurie Kanes - Founder of 12 Small Things (Building Customer Relationships)

Agus Cattaneo - Founder of Learn While Exploring (Global Consumer & Color Trends)

Pricing (USD)

A ticket to our in person Market Readiness Program in New York is $3000. Now we are able to offer this valuable program online for only a fraction of it's original cost.


$740 - eMRP Ticket with Small Group Coaching

$590 - eMRP Ticket (Presentations Only)

Monthly payment plans are available. Group Rates are available for 3 or more tickets. Join our waitlist and receive more information when next year's registration is close.

Hear More From Our Alumni...

Debbie Tingley

Hands To Heart/Lanna Foundation


"Our biggest challenge was [we had] no where to sell our artisans' weaving.. due to all artisan fairs cancelled during the pandemic. We were sitting on our biggest order ever which would effect our artisans income as we would not be able to order more if we couldn't move through current inventory. 

We have continued to follow through with our goal and strategy plan made during the [eMRP]. In early December, we launched Hands To Heart Thailand shopify and instagram to drive customers to our site. This has enabled us to move through product which we have been sitting on due to the pandemic... It has better positioned our artisans for success and sustainability through whatever challenges that might come. 

We are so grateful to all of you at Aid to Artisans and our mentors as well who took so much time, effort and care to give us the tools to be successful. 

I would say JUMP, no LEAP off the fence and join now, you won't regret it on many different levels... Community is everything and everyone involved within this organization to also include alumni are available to help, encourage or talk shop with. 

Vivette McFarlane

Jamaica Business Development Corporation


On her biggest challenge:

"My ability to accurately cost a product. Previously I would treat some input costs as a sunk costs.

My confidence has improved and I can now advise clients with my improved knowledge. A very useful nugget that Lauren taught us re costing: "Measure it, weigh it and count it". Having a better understanding of incoterms."

If you're on the fence about joining the eMRP...

"You would be cheating yourself from the extensive knowledge that you would have gained. [They have] very competent and knowledgeable facilitators who have in depth knowledge of every aspect of owning and managing a business, trends, preparation for trade show participation, [and] resources for distribution."

Sangya Gyawali


Washington DC / Nairobi

"When launching any venture, there’s a lot of overwhelm and the pandemic added a whole new dimension to that feeling. I wasn’t sure if it was the right time to follow through with the idea.

Having a program like the eMRP felt like being guided by a lighthouse. The cohort made me feel less alone in the journey and gave me the confidence and the contacts I needed to just get started. That was the biggest step.

Since the program, we launched online! We identified and trained our artisan partners during the first half of the year and launched our own designs during the 2 nd half. We now have a couple of best sellers and have been building a lot of great brand sentiment from our customers. We’re on track to do 250-300 sales by the end of the year."

Bringing Artisan Businesses Together

For over 45 years we have been connecting artisans to resources, education, and more importantly -- to each other. Here are a few more of our alumni.

eMRP Curriculum

Available in days
days after you enroll
  Day 1: Global Opportunities & Trends
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Day 2: Product Development + Design, Costing and Pricing
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Day 3: Marketing and Sales Channels Strategies
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Day 4: Building Buyer Relationships & Buyer Panel
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Taking it forward!
Available in days
days after you enroll

~Day 1:

Listen to eMRP alumni and learn about their experiences before, during, and after the program. Then, learn everything there is to know about Global Consumer & Design Trends from one of our industry expert, Agus Cattaneo.

~Day 2:

Hear from our Product Development & Design expert, Aviva Shulemand get the insights you need to create products that are on trend in the US market. Then learn about ar costing & pricing for export with ATA Training Director, Lauren Barkume. 

~Day 3:

Take a deep dive into marketing strategies with Stacy Edgar, and then learn how to map out your sales strategy for the US market with Susan Easton. Then, grab your favorite drink and join us in our virtual cocktail hour and connect with your fellow entrepreneurs, buyers, and mentors.

~Day 4:

Laurie Kanes will teach you how to build relationships with your customers. Then, join many industry experts in our Buyer Panel and take the opportunity to ask any questions you have for US buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the registration deadline?

September 12th 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time. You must complete your payment before the course registration closes to join the course.

What is the Small Group Coaching?

If you purchase a ticket with Small Group Coaching, you'll be matched with an expert Mentor with industry experience and five to six peers in the artisan sector. You'll have a chance to discuss your personal challenges and goals, get product and market feedback, discuss the eMRP topics and how they apply to you, and learn from your peers during 4 one hour coaching sessions held on Zoom in breakout rooms. By the end of the coaching sessions, you'll create concrete goals and an action plan to move you business forward. The sessions will be held from 12:00-1:00pm daily from September 27-30, 2022.

What if I can't attend all of the workshop days?

We understand you can't always attend for the entire time! This is why you will have exclusive access to all of the recorded videos for 6 months following the program, and you can re-watch unlimited number of times.

Do you offer scholarships?

Unfortunately, we do not have any available scholarships.

Can I get a discount?

Yes! Use the code EARLYBIRD2022 to get $100 off your registration when you purchase your ticket before July 28th at 5:00pm EST. We also offer group rates for 3+ individual tickets. See Pricing above to purchase 3 tickets, or contact us at [email protected] to book more than 3 tickets. We also offer a 3 month payment plan, and two ticket levels.

How long will I have access to the videos?

You will have exclusive access to all of the recorded videos for 6 months after the program ends, and you can re-watch unlimited number of times.

Can I attend if I'm not in the US?

Yes! Most of our eMRP alumni come from around the world. We know that your timezone might not be ideal for you, which is why we offer exclusive recorded video access for 6 months after the program ends.

Here's a quote from one of our 2018 Alumni from India, "After the MRP, we gained confidence in how our products stand in the market outside India. Since then, we have done two trade shows- in London and In Germany. We now stock at four stores across London and one in Germany with the market gradually opening up to us!"

— Vasanthi Veluri, MRP Alumni 2018, India

Can I attend if I am the US?

Yes! We have some amazing alumni who are based in the US looking for best practices in artisan sourcing, understanding how to start a global artisan brand, or to connect with global artisan partners.

Can I attend if I am just an individual and don't have a business?

Yes! The eMRP is designed to give you a big picture view of the global artisan sector and exactly what it takes to be successful. If you're a student, NGO, international development professional, or just a passionate person interested in getting involved in the global artisan sector, the eMRP will connect you to a network and give you great insight into the tools an artisan business needs to go global.

Just take it from one of our alumni, "The Market Readiness Program is singlehandedly the best program I could have invested in to further my career in the artisan industry. The wealth of knowledge that I gained, the invaluable connections that I met, and the experiences I made are all what has gotten me to where I am today. I will forever be thankful for Aid to Artisans!"

— Madison Pease, MRP Alumni 2018, USA

Can I sell my products at the eMRP?

No. This is a training and networking event, and not a sales opportunity. You WILL however, have a chance to network with other artisan businesses, including artisan producers, exporters, wholesalers, retailers, and US based artisan importers.

Is the homework optional?

Yes. The homework is designed to help you take what you'll learn and apply it to your work, so we strongly encourage you to plan some time each day after the live workshop to work on the exercises.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes! After you attend the eMRP, or once you watch all of the videos (if you are unable to attend some of the live training), you will get an eMarket Readiness Program Certificate of Completion and join our amazing network of Alumni!

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