2022 Summer Tradeshow Snapshot

Curious about the US summer tradeshow season? Want to know how they work? How this season went? Or what you can do to prepare for next year? Join the conversation with Laurie Kanes, owner of 12 Small Things and a long time Aid to Artisans (ATA) Buyer Relationships Consultant, Michelle Karol, Director of Tradeshow Sales at IMC, and Lauren Barkume, ATA's Training Director, in discussing this year's summer tradeshow cycle for handmade makers and buyers.

Also, learn about our eMarket Readiness Program and how it can help prepare you for next year's tradeshow seasons!

This recorded webinar covers:
- Overview of a few of the summer tradeshows in the US
- Advice on how to prepare for a tradeshow
- What buyers expect from makers at these shows
- How the eMRP can help prepare you for tradeshows

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