Welcome and Introduction

You might be asking, why is branding important? Branding is your business’s personality and the image you want it to evoke. Think about how people are quick to judge a personality. It’s the same for your company. People evaluate the way you present yourself, your look, and your overall style but instead it’s your logo, your photos, your products, and how you present your work. Branding makes a lasting impression.

Throughout this course, we will:

>     Dive into what branding is

>     Define how your brand looks, feels, and sounds

>     Clearly articulate who you are as well as why what you

do is unique and special  

>     Identify your target audience and how to structure your

brand to best serve them

>     Understand how to build an effective brand identity 

>     Create a buyer persona so you know how to reach potential

customers through marketing and advertising

>     Infuse your brand into every experience and interaction

>     Craft a brand book with your unique strategy and guidelines

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